Karthikeya 2 Box Office (Hindi): From Opening At 7 Lakhs To Going As High As 4.07 Crores In A Single Day, This Surprise ‘Super-Hit’ Is Already On Its Way To Cross KGF Chapter 2 (Hindi) In Profits

Kartikeya 2 (Hindi) scored a profitable triple century! (photo credit – Instagram)

Kartikeya 2 has stunned everyone with its stellar performance at the box office, especially with its Hindi version. No one would have dreamed that a film which made its debut on a disappointing note of 7 lakhs would earn around 20 crores in just 13 days of its theatrical run. What’s even more incredible is that the film is all set to cross the huge advantage of 382.91% A monstrous hit of the year, made by KGF Chapter 2 (Hindi).

For those who still don’t know the Kartikeya 2 craze, there was practically no pre-release buzz in the film as all eyes were on the clash between each other. Lal Singh Chaddha and Raksha Bandhan. In fact, the film released two days after the Bollywood stalwarts clashed, and it got a chance to shine as both the films had a bad run. It started on a note as low 7 lakh and gathered as much 4.07 crore (Day 9) Same day.

With such a great run, Kartikeya 2 (Hindi) has collected 19.29 crore in 13 days, which is 275X 7 lakhs opening day and it’s crazy! The film’s actual budget is 15 crores but the distribution rights for the Hindi version reportedly cost 4.50 crore, If the cost is subtracted from the total collection, then the ROI (return on investment) of the film stands at 14.79 crore, In percentages, that’s a huge . Is equal to 328.66% (using the formula ROI/Cost x 100).

Currently, Kartikeya 2 (Hindi) is Koimoi’s third most profitable film of 2022 and will soon overtake KGF Chapter 2 (Hindi) which has earned 2022. 382.91%, To see the full chart, visit ‘Profitable Films’ under the ‘Power Index’ section on Koimoi.com.

in hindi strip, Kartikeya 2 There will be a place to enjoy a scintillating run till Brahmastra arrives on 9th September. Vijay Deverakonda’s Liger is out in theatres, but it will hardly make an impact considering the negative reviews and different genre so far. Considering the positive trend, the film has clearly taken a shot of 25 crores and may even touch the 30 crore mark if it sustains well again on weekdays.

Let’s see how far it goes from here!

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