Kartik Aaryan REACTS to all the negative publicity around him and it proves he is a true star

Kartik Aaryan Is a true self made star and has come a long way. However, his journey was not easy, it was extremely difficult. since the actor left Karan Johar‘s friendly 2 There was a lot of negative news around him given the creative differences and he decided to maintain a respectful silence on it and many lauded him for his maturity Kartik Aaryan who is just enjoying all the love for his last release. Lene Hai Dhamaka explained the negative publicity that was built around him. In conversation with Bolwood Hungama, he said, “I felt bad before facing the family – if they had any doubts, or they wouldn’t tell me their stress, I used to think so. Now that there have been so many stories, That I’m not scared anymore. I laugh.” Karthik also says that he has been advised by his colleagues to give it back, but he believes in the mantra of letting your action speak louder than words, and Dhamaka was the answer that made him smile with a smile. sleeps. Also read- Karan Johar’s kids Yash and Roohi get excited for the new year; Watch Adorable Video Of Little Munchkins

Recently, Karan Johar in his interview with Film Campaign talked about getting fed up with his production house’s demand of 20-30 crores for new actors to do the film. He had said, “There is a small order which is yet to prove its strength at the box office. They are asking for 20 or 30 crores. without any reason. Then you want to show him a report card and say, hello, that’s what your film debuts for.” He also said that he would pay his technical team who really worked hard, “I’m technical. Will pay top dollar to the crew members, who really make the film special.” He wonders why he gives Rs 15 crores to some actors and Rs 55 lakhs to an editor.” Although the filmmaker didn’t charge an actor. Names not taken but many speculated that he was referring to Kartik Aaryan as the actor, who made an abrupt departure from his production film Dostana 2, according to his statement. Also read- Gehreyan: Many crew members are suffering from Kovid-19? Nothing has been said about Deepika Padukone and Ananya Panday yet [EXCLUSIVE]

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