Katha Ankahee upcoming twist: Katha confesses her love for Viaan; will Aarav be able to convince his grandparents?

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Katha Anki Upcoming Spoiler AlertIn the latest track of Katha Anki, we see Aarav (Ajinkya Mishra) is very happy playing with Viaan, as he doesn’t miss his father anymore as he really loves Viaan and also likes to be with Viaan always. Will cook for Tejji Viaan (Adnan Khan) and collect all their childhood memories, Viaan feels very happy to see this, and the audience also feels very happy to see Viaan as they like the happy-go-lucky Viaan and not the rude, angry young man. Later, we see that Katha will feel very comfortable in admitting her feelings, and she prefers to spend her time with him. After a long time, all the viewers see the happy moments between Katha and Viaan that they spent together. Read this also- Katha Anki Upcoming Twist: Katha ignores Aarav for the first time because of Viaan; Has he come between mother and son?

the legend will decide to live for itself

In the upcoming track of Katha Ankahi, we see the statement (Adnan Khan) asks Katha to go on a long drive, and Katha says yes. Both go on long drives and spend time with each other. As we see, after a long time, the narrative (Aditi Sharma) will decide to live for herself as she wants to live her life happily with Viaan Raghuvanshi, and the audience is also very excited to watch the upcoming track, as we see in the short clip, and we all wait for the next part of the story. Waiting to see the upcoming episodes. Numerical only. Read this also- Katha Anki Upcoming Twist: Aarav misses his father and wishes for Viaan to take that place in his life, will Katha agree?

Katha Ankahi we can see the upcoming twist in the show when love is not as easy as it was for Viaan and Katha. Well, there are many forks in their way. As we watch Kailash Garewal, Reet and Tejji, everyone will get caught in the middle of Viaan and Katha’s love story. We can see in the coming episodes that Katha will finally confess her feelings to Aarav and all the Garewal family as they all have a lot of questions in their mind. Read this also- Narrative Anki Upcoming Twist: Viaan has proved that he can be the best father; Will Katha really accept him without any fear now?

Katha Anki Upcoming Twist

In the future track of Katha Anki, we can see that Aarav gets emotional on hearing Katha’s confession but the audience is very excited to see Aarav and Viaan’s reactions when they come to know the truth that Aarav and Viaan Viaan shares a beautiful bond and now they can have their time together. We can see in the coming episodes that Aarav will make his grandparents realize that Robin is the best and wants Robin to be his father. Well, we have to wait for the upcoming twist to see whether Kailash Garewal and Tejji will bless them or not.

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