Katha Ankahee upcoming twist: Viaan’s past is back to haunt him, will Katha’s presence save him?

Katha Anki upcoming spoiler alert: The latest track revolves around Katha (Aditi Sharma) and Viaan (Adnan khan) The love story, which has now begun, and we see Vian’s half-sister Vanya also attending Earthcon. Let’s see what Vanya’s intention is. But it seems that Vanya respects Viaan as her elder brother, so it might be that Mr. Viraj Raghuvanshi talked about Viaan in his childhood. On the other hand, we see Tejji (Bidisha Ghosh Sharma) is once again trying to convince Katha about Viaan, as we see Viaan confront Tejji and tell her that he loves her, and it looks like Tejji will agree to Katha . On the other hand, we can see that ret (jasveen Kaur) is trying to execute her plan as she reaches Viaan’s house to talk with Tejji, but Reet sees Viaan and talks to him, and he also tells her not to tell Katha. Forget, as she wants Katha to get married. Read this also- Katha Anki Upcoming Twist: Viaan’s past will catch up with him; Will it affect his relationship with Katha?

katha anakhi upcoming twist

In the upcoming episode of Katha Anki, we see that Aarav (Ajinkya Mishra) requests that he meets his friend Robin at least once, and also that Viaan fulfills Katha’s dreams and does the best for Katha. receives the design (Aditi Sharma, Later, we can see Katha visiting Robin as she does not know that Robin is Via Raghuvanshi. Interesting twists and turns take place when we watch the narrative unfold (adnan khan) and are shocked to see him. She could not meet him and ran away from there. Katha reached her home and told Aarav that she could not find him. Aarav requests that his mother, if she cannot meet him, at least talk to him on the phone. Let’s see whether Katha will talk to him on the phone or not? Read this also- Katha Anki Upcoming Twist: Katha starts realizing her love for Viaan, will she finally confess?

In the future track of Katha Anki, we see that it could be possible that Katha may not talk to her as she knows that Robin is Viaan Raghuvanshi. Now that Katha has understood that Aarav likes Viaan, it may be that Katha will think about Viaan again. Read this also- Katha Anki upcoming twist: Katha tries hard not to fall in love with Viaan but gets jealous to spoil the game

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