Keanu Reeves Is The Real Superhero, Ends Up Donating 70% Of His The Matrix Earnings For This Cause!

Keanu Reeves reportedly donated 70% of his Matrix earnings to cancer research (Photo Credits: IMDb, Matrix Resurrection Poster)

Keanu Reeves has proved that he is once again the coolest man in Hollywood. Actors recently appeared Matrix Resurrection, the fourth part of the iconic sci-fi film series. The film was released almost 20 years after its last release. However, it was not able to do well at the box office and reportedly has just earned Rs. $100 million Whole world.

There are many reasons for the film not doing well. First, like the others, it was released during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has decimated cinema viewership globally. Secondly, it had Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is doing remarkably well as the competition.

Regardless of how well The Matrix Resurrection did at the box office, Keanu Reeves fans adore the actor, and now Reeves has added a new reason to his list of eclectic things to do. As reported by Ladd Bible, he has donated a substantial portion of his earnings from the original The Matrix film to cancer research.

Keanu Reeves was paid $10 million Earned Advance and Forward to 1999 sci-fi flick $35 million When the film proved to be a blockbuster at the box office. Report says The Matrix Resurrection actor donated 70% of money, which is a huge $31.5 million For leukemia research.

The reason for this generosity was near and dear to Reeves, the report said, as his younger sister, Kim, was already battling the disease in 1991. Earlier this actor is in limelight for giving $75 million From his earnings from The Matrix to the special effects and costume design crew.

Not only that, but Keanu Reeves also gifted the stunt team while working with him on John Wick 4, a brand new Rolex Submarine watch. $10,000, No wonder why The Matrix Resurrections star is called ‘Hollywood’s best man’.

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