Keanu Reeves Patiently Answering A Young Fan’s ‘Rapid Fire’ Questions After A Long Flight Go Viral, Netizens Call Him ‘The Perfect Human Being’

Keanu Reeves’ heartfelt conversation with young fan at New York airport goes viral (Photo Credits-IMDB/Twitter)

Canadian actor Keanu Reeves is one of the most popular Hollywood actors. He is best known for playing Neo in the Matrix series. He is credited with some other films like Speed, The John Wick Series and The Devil’s Advocate.

While Keanu is a popular actor, he is known for his friendly nature as he is for his stellar filmography. Now an encounter with a young fan is going viral on social media, and it proves that fans love her for her humble nature.

Andrew Kimmel, a TV producer took Twitter shared a photo on Tuesday, in which Keanu Reeves was seen signing an autograph for his young fan as he stood next to the actor. A series of tweets were also shared by Kimmel detailing the full conversation between Reeves and the young fan.

Sharing the photo, Andrew wrote, ‘Keanu Reeves was on my flight from London to NYC today. A young boy asked for an autograph on baggage and then began firing a series of rapid-fire questions. Keanu happily replied to each one…”

Describing the conversation with Keanu and the young fan, Andrew Kimmel tweeted, “Kid: Why were you in London? KR: Filming a documentary. Kid: I saw online you were at the Grand Prix (pronounced X) Doing) KR: Yes, Grand Prix (in French pronunciation, without correcting that. F1! Racing cars! Kid: Do you drive? KR: F1 No, but I like to ride a motorcycle.”

Andrew also wrote, “Kid: do you live in NY? KR: I live in LA. Kid: How long are you gonna live in New York? KR: Four days! No… five. Five days! Kid : Why are you in New York? KR: Going to see a Broadway show! Kid: Is Broadway performance, KR: American Buffalo! Mamet! Kid: Where are you staying in NY? KR: Midtown!”

Andrew Kimmel then explained how Keanu Reeves started questioning the young fan when the latter ran out of questions. He wrote, “By this time the kid was running out of questions so Keanu started grilling him (laughing emoji rolling on the floor) Why were you in Europe? What galleries did you go to in Paris? Yours. What was the favourite? Man couldn’t have been nicer, especially after an international flight. I thought I’d share this because dude is a class act and small moments like this can make such a big difference in people’s lives We need more Keynes!”

Take a look at the full thread of his tweet below:

The tweet went viral on the microblogging platform and fans reacted with praise for Keanu’s behavior with the child. One comment called him the ‘perfect man’.

Needless to say, Keanu Reeves has a really eclectic personality. Isn’t it?

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