Keanu Reeves Thinks The Matrix: Resurrections Won’t Have A Sequel

Matrix: Resurrection is now playing in theaters (Picture Credits: Movie Stills, The Matrix: Resurrection Poster)

As we speak, Keanu Reeves continues to cast his magic on the big screen with Carrie-Anne Moss, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and others through The Matrix: Resurrection. Following more than a decade as the next addition to the Matrix universe, the film was one of the most anticipated films worldwide since the announcement. Now with the release, it has managed to impress most of the audience and especially the fans of the franchise. But the question is what next? Is there a sequel to Resurrection?

Well, as was done in The Matrix: Resurrection continuation Movies Begins where the third part ends. Characters evolve, grow in age and even now have an evolving arc. Keanu Reeves remains Neo and lives in the virtual world of the Matrix where suspension of disbelief is at its all-time high. Now the actors are talking about whether there will ever be a revival sequel or not. Read on to know everything you need to know about the same.

When Keanu Reeves joined the Empire podcast he made sure he was very clear about his opinion. When asked if there is a possible sequel to The Matrix: Resurrection, he immediately replied, “What is the second? Resurrection Redux. He further added that he doesn’t believe Lana Wachowski will make a sequel. Keanu said, “Wachowski! I don’t believe so. If I had to vote—no, no ballot, vote. I’d say Lana wouldn’t do another Matrix.”

At this point, his The Matrix: Resurrection co-star Carrie-Anne Moss was quick to add, “We thought about that too.” Keanu Reeves replied, “We don’t know! We don’t know. But I’m there if it’s there. If she invites us over again—I’m sorry, I spoke for you again! If she calls me again.” invites, so I’m in.”

Do you want Keanu Reeves to be Neo again for The Matrix: Resurrections sequel? Let us know in the comments section below. Stay Connected Koimoi for more information.

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