Khakee: The Bihar Chapter Review: A Too Familiar Investigative Drama With Limited Twists

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter Review: Star Rating:

Throw: Karan Tacker, Avinash Tiwari, Ashutosh Rana, Nikita Dutta, Abhimanyu Singh, Ravi Kishan and Ensemble.

creator: Neeraj Pandey.

the director: May you be dusty.

Streaming On: Netflix.

Language: Hindi (with subtitles).

runtime: 7 episodes approximately 60 minutes each.

Khaki: The Bihar Chapter Review
(Photo courtesy- A still from Khakee: The Bihar Chapter)

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter Review: What’s It About:

Based on Bihar Diaries, a book by Amit Lodha, which is about a detective working to arrest Chandan Mahto, one of Bihar’s biggest criminals. The 7-episode series traces the rise of a gangster that led to his downfall.

Khaki: The Bihar Chapter Review: What Works:

Writer-director-producer Neeraj Pandey favors a kind of material where he really knows the balance to make investigative espionage as he does. Be it his acclaimed film Special 26, or his most recent special ops, they have found a niche so to say. Khakee: The Bihar Chapter, though an adaptation of a book based on a real-life story, shows the filmmaker’s style at every turn. It’s like he finds you taken aback and decides to give you the biggest blow ever. Not much this time, but more on that later.

Written by Pandey along with Umashankar Singh and directed by Bhav Dhulia, The Bihar Chapter relies heavily on the source material and does what it should. Through minor details of women singing a particular way at a wedding, to caste-based politics and division, or when a high-level police officer laments how laptops are smaller than desktops and that without Understand that will lower his materialistic standard. The former is best. These details help a lot in building the world and elevating the whole story for the audience. Good thing they take a long time to set up the stories of the two men who are about to be pitted against each other in a minute.

On one hand a person is marginalized because of his community and is deprived of a decent livelihood. When she realizes that being righteous is not going to get her bread, but the power that comes with a gun, she chooses a gun over her sanity. The moment he makes the choice, he is shot so clearly that he becomes not a villain killing people, but a demon created by the same system that is now fearing him. It has layers that keep revealing themselves. The good, the bad, and the ugly, but they make for three-dimensional characters rather than one-voice villains.

Not on par, but in the same way, sincere efforts are being made to shape IPS Amit Lodha. He doesn’t like the system he’s a part of, but he has no choice but to join it. He takes some wrong paths, enough so that they do not qualify as a crime, and paves his way. The show never reveals the caste/community he belongs to because at some point that too becomes a fodder for politics. The makers don’t oversimplify things by doing this and it’s a nice touch.

Khaki: The Bihar Chapter Review
(Photo courtesy- A still from Khakee: The Bihar Chapter)

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter Review: Star Performance:

One thing that Khaki gets right is the casting. Karan Tacker as Amit Lodha has grown a lot as an actor. For someone who has the most screen time in a nearly seven-hour long show, he impresses by never faltering in the character he creates in the beginning. While he deserved some catharsis and personal moments where he is vulnerable enough to give himself an entrance, the actor does nothing wrong on his end.

Avinash Tiwari seems to be on a roll and it seems he is not going wrong, at least for now. He plays the antagonist here which is layered and does full justice to the part. While he does heinous things, you’ll still be interested in his redemption. Redemption however is very dramatic and not up to the mark.

Everyone else does their part right and Jatin Sarna takes home the trophy for being the most reliable among all.

Khakee: Bihar Chapter Review: What Doesn’t Work:

While there is no problem in following the main road map for an investigation thriller, it feels a tad clunky when everything starts to feel too familiar. In Khakee, there are moments of twists and turns of the unimaginable, but they are few and everything else feels like we’ve already seen them.

The fact that the actual showdown begins somewhere in Episode 5 and by then these two different worlds occasionally blend into each other makes it even more transparent and the convenience and repetitive bit highlighted. Is. The use of half-hearted montages exacerbates the said problem and one cannot ignore it.

The show is set in the early 2000s and the world looks like that. But the setup is so in your face that it doesn’t feel organic. Because there is also a connect between many locations because the places for the story set in Bihar do not seem to be part of the same landscape. Not just that, the show is also full of irrelevant characters that make no sense and end up being nothing more than small plot devices. Take Nikita’s Tanu for instance, her only existence is for Chandan to have Amit badmouth her.

Besides, why does everything end in a rush that makes the whole thing go by quicker? Not just the screenplay, the editing too seems incomplete at times. Some scenes look like they have been left unfinished. You don’t know what happened after that nor are the makers interested in showing you the after effects. And it is the same with the drama quotient which fluctuates unnecessarily at times. The last 15 minutes in particular are the most unnecessary bits.

Khaki: The Bihar Chapter Review
(Photo courtesy- A still from Khakee: The Bihar Chapter)

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter Review: Last Words:

This is a standard Neeraj Pandey product but we have seen a lot of it over the years. A more nuanced approach may have done wonders.

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