Kiara gets badly trolled for letting security guard hold an umbrella for her; netizens ask, ‘What happened to your hands?’

Kiara Advani She was spotted in the city when she was doing makeup at the ghat for her shoot. As monsoon approaches, everyone is expected to carry their umbrellas, while Bollywood actresses often prefer not to have umbrellas for themselves, but their personal boys do it for them. And Kiara was horribly trolled for letting the security guard keep an umbrella for herself as she couldn’t manage being too big. Netizens are criticizing the Jag Jag Jio actress and questioning her privileges. One user said, ‘I don’t understand why she can’t hold her umbrella which would have been easier. Another user wrote, “What’s wrong with her hands, can’t she hold her umbrella”. Kiara anyway seemed unhappy with that umbrella as it had helped her a lot.

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