Kim Kardashian Face A Wardrobe Malfunction While Moving Towards Met Gala 2023, Pearls From Schiaparelli Gown Broke & Here’s How North West Came To Rescue!

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Kim Kardashian’s 9-year-old daughter North West saved the day when the former had a wardrobe malfunction (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Kim Kardashian looked absolutely drop dead gorgeous at the Met Gala 2023 as she posed for the paparazzi in a custom Schiaparelli gown embellished with 50,000 freshwater pearls. However, the social media queen suffered a wardrobe malfunction after the bottom of her dress fell apart. North West, Kim’s daughter, came to her rescue as she picked up the pearls scattered on the ground.

Kim Kardashian handled the disaster like a pro, smiling for the paparazzi as she made her way to the Ritz-Carlton hotel. Kim also told Vogue about her dress and how her daughter North West saved her after a wardrobe malfunction. Read on for more.

According to The Daily Mail, Kim Kardashian ran into a bit of trouble after the string of pearls broke and left pieces hanging from the dress. The pear then fell all over the ground as Kim Kardashian was seen looking at the damage while running inside the hotel. It was reported that Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West has picked up pearls from the ground. The wardrobe malfunction happened when Kim was on her way to attend the world’s biggest fashion event. 9 year old Answer Watched the disaster from the car As Kim later revealed, “Some popped along the way, and I asked my daughter to catch them all.” The reality star added: ‘They are real pearls, and she was keeping them all in her purse.

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Kim talked about the inspiration behind her look, saying, “What else Karl [Lagerfield], you know, the iconic channel Pearl That’s what I’ve always thought. So we wanted to be just dripping with pearls.”

One of the social media users commented on Kim Kardashian’s outfit saying, “When you think you know about a fashion legacy but you really don’t….we thought she Couldn’t move on after ruining a piece of history, she looks cheap now.” Schiaparelli is awkwardly reminded of his Playboy past and skims.

Another said, “The pearls are bursting and your daughter is running after you and picking them up?” Sign that you should have been uninvited… like Moti your celeb status is falling.

The next commented, “Why are they still relevant?, none of them contribute anything to society,” as another concluded, “Retire them already! Please.”

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