Kirstie Allsopp’s ‘Handmade’ Brand The Latest Victim Of Channel 4 Cuts As Daytime Show Rested

Unique, Kirsty Allsopppopular daytime series of Kirsty̵7;s Handmade Christmas being sabbatical for a year as part of channel 4Efforts to cut costs amid a slump in the advertising market.

Deadline understands that Ian Katz, Channel 4’s head of content, called Allsopp personally to deliver the news last Thursday. He made an apparent reference to the UK broadcaster’s financial difficulties, as its advertising revenue fell by up to 20%.

we revealed on monday How Channel 4 is canceling shows at the eleventh hour, asking suppliers to finance productions at short notice, rethinking budgets mid-shoot and working to push projects into 2024 as it Can’t afford to take the bill.

First shown in 2014, handmade christmas Another season was not formally greenlit by Channel 4, but early preparations were underway, including booking temporary guests. The show is produced by Raise the Roof Productions, a Glasgow-based company.

Allsopp, one of Channel 4’s most high-profile and most permanent presenters, confirmed that the daytime series would not be created this year, but a primetime version of the show would air.

“I know it’s not personal,” she told Deadline. “We all take hits at different times at different things. Hopefully the advertising market improves and we bounce back.

Allsopp estimated that 30 production crew would lose work as a result of the decision, adding to existing woes for freelancers, which broadcasting union Bektu described as an “emergency” for unproduced television.

“I’m so upset for anyone — not just for my colleagues, not just for the lovely people I work with — but anyone in the industry who’s struggling to find work. I know that’s pretty are,” she said.

Channel 4 strategy director Khalid Hayat told a committee of MPs on Tuesday that cost-cutting had caused “pain” for some producers, but the broadcaster was confident the financial pressure would only be a short-term phenomenon.

“Our priority during this period is to preserve as many shows as possible, to minimize any disruption or cancellation to commissioning and any decisions we make will be made to ensure the stability and sustainability of Channel 4’s remit delivery.” It’s about providing,” he said.

Allsopp revealed that he and Phil Spencer, his regular presenting partner, signed a new two-year deal with Channel 4 in March. The presenter has been a fixture on Channel 4 for 23 years, hosting property series location, location, location And Kirsty and Phil love it or list it.

A Channel 4 spokeswoman said: “The primetime show, Kirsty’s Handmade Christmas Will air as planned later this year.