KRK Brutally Trolled “You Won’t Become Shah Rukh Khan By Adding RK…” By Triggered Insaan Over His KGF: Chapter 2 Review

KRK gets brutally trolled by YouTuber in reaction video triggering humans on his KGF: Chapter 2 Review – View (Photo Credits-KRK/YouTube/Wikimedia)

KRK aka Kamal Rashid Khan – the self-proclaimed critic – who never shied away from sharing what he thought of Bollywood films after they were made, slammed Prashanth Neel’s KGF: Chapter 2 upon its release . YouTuber Triggered Insaan came across the video and called out Khan for not using proper facts in his video – however, it did not go down well.

In response to the YouTuber’s video, KRK posted a video on his channel and slammed him for calling him by various names. This resulted in Trigger Insan posting a video reacting to Khan’s video. Scroll down and watch the video to know about it in brief. PS: If you’re watching a video, opt for the earphones for the Video 2 – I’m at a loss for not having them plugged in.

On 23 April, Trigger Insan posted a video mocking several things, including KRK’s review of KGF: Chapter 2. Around 6:18 pm, the YouTuber directly questioned KRK about his review and said that it is entirely possible that self-proclaimed critics could see his video and make roast videos on it. His question to the Deshdrohi actor was, “Sir, do you have any… before you were born there was an accident of the Mill Gaya type? Because the injury to your brain looks very serious.”

Picking up and stating all the wrong things KRK had said about KGF Chapter 2 in his review, the YouTuber said, “I can’t listen to it anymore. I can’t stand what he is saying! There is no point in saying this man. Most of his talk is baseless!” He signed off and he said, “Whether you like the film or not – that’s a personal opinion. But if you’re reviewing, at least get your facts right!” adding that “he’s just bullshit,” added the YouTuber, “and now he’s making Traitor 2! – Is this a joke!” He also added, “Deshdrohi 2 will be bigger and better – Baahubali, KGF, Pushpa and RRR – all together. The traitor will break all records to earn Rs 150 (then insert Hera Pheri meme).

In response to this video of Trigger Man, KRK posted a video on June 12 in which he described the YouTuber as a person whose face is like a cannon. In it, the critic questioned him about the meaning behind his YouTube name and called him for laughing at his own jokes. He also commented that his 16 million subscribers are ‘lukha’ and fed up with their lives so they follow him.

Commenting that he is used to laughing at his jokes for centuries, he then took to the YouTuber and criticized him for misrepresenting facts in his review of KGF: Chapter 2. Not present in India – Before and after the British ruled the country – the critic closed the video by saying, “You yourself called me uncle in your video. Chacha means father like father. So son father And son is son. Don’t try to educate the father, son.”

He also said that review (movies) is his field of work and the trigger man should not step into it and focus on what he does best – sit and laugh like someone is bothering him because you don’t know is what it is.

On June 18, the triggered man posted a video in response to KRK calling him. Comparing him to the magic of Koi… Mil Gaya, Youtube said that he was a man for whom even the other aliens did not return and burned him for humans. 16 Minutes – Including his KGF: Chapter 2 ‘Violence, Violence’ dialogue. Calling her acting, dancing and more shit, the YouTuber clarified that she never cashed in on them but only factually corrected them. Praising her for her amazing ‘2 Rupee Wali’ acting, her dance moves, her singing abilities and more trigger humans questioned how such a ‘talented’ person could waste time making videos to answer them.

Responding to KRK’s call to his 16 million subscribers, Trigger Insan noted that his last 8-10 videos got the most. Thanks KRK aka This Look (Dumbhead). He also said that people can laugh after watching his videos but after watching KRK’s review they only enjoy it while mocking the critic. The YouTuber also mentioned that Khan’s video comment section is just full of netizens trolling him. He further said, ‘If I go to any of your film reviews, people have insulted you! People in your industry laugh at you!”

He also said, “Your face costs Rs 2 and adding RK to your name makes you think you are Shah Rukh Khan. Just adding RK to your name will not make you Shahrukh Khan! You will remain KRK”

Hearing KRK say that the poster of Deshdrohi 2 was a fan-made poster, he was overjoyed (because it means the film won’t get made!) when the self-proclaimed man asked him to troll over his KGF: Chapter 2 review. When called, the YouTuber said, “KGF is a fictional film! In a fictional film, you have to believe what the director/storyteller tells you. Adding that like Rohit of Koi… Mil Gaya, he too suffered a serious accident when he was younger, the YouTuber said, adding that he has a complete brain injury. He also said that one should admit one’s mistakes if one has pointed out that they are wrong and does not justify it.

Trigger Man signed off his video saying, “He’s telling me my line and calling me stupid! This guy made a roast video on me but ended up roasting himself! Other than the indecent talk, he Hasn’t said anything. And whenever he tried to contradict my facts, he didn’t yell at her.” He also called out KRK for being a paid reviewer and reviewed his Heropanti 2 and slammed him once again.

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