KT Studios Shopping ‘Death Island With Conor Powell’ As TV Series & Launches IHeart Podcast True-Crime Slate

Unique: LA Katie Studio shopping podcast Death Island with Conor Powell as a TV series as it launches a slate of true-crime shows with iHeartPodcasts.

island of death iHeart̵7;s podcasts have topped the charts since launch. It follows a series of brutal murders and mysterious disappearances in Thailand’s paradise island of Koh Tao, and is now being taken to market in documentary and scripted series packages.

KT has a 140-hour podcast slate deal with iHeartPodcasts and will launch next moscow massacre, true crime And Murder 101,

moscow massacre Will launch this summer. It follows the murders of four University of Idaho students who were brutally killed at an off-campus home last November. After an investigation and cross-country man hunt, a PhD student from a neighboring university was charged with the crimes. Stephanie Lydecker, Courtney Armstrong, Jeff Shane and Chris Spargo are executive producers.

true crime will launch in the winter of 2023 and follows Deanna Thompson (also known as Body Moven) and John Green, best known for the Netflix doc series. don’t f*** with cats, They’ll deal with unsolved crimes, including the 2022 murder of Microsoft executive Jared Brydgan, whose suspected killer has just been arrested. The pair will work with victims’ loved ones, law enforcement, forensic experts and other experts to uncover the truth. Stephanie Lydecker, Deanna Thompson, John Green, Courtney Armstrong, Jeff Shane and Andrew Arono are executive producers.

Murder 101 It arrives in early 2024. It follows how a group of small-town Tennessee high school students, led by teacher Alex Campbell, piece together a 30-year mystery to identify the killer behind at least six murders. Despite the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation publicly agreeing with his theory, no charges have been filed against the suspect. Stephanie Lydecker, Andrew Arono, Jeff Shane, Alex Campbell and Connor Powell are executive producers.

All three shows are co-produced and will be distributed through iHeartPodcasts on the iHeartRadio app and all other podcast platforms.

“All of our podcast programming shares the same unique DNA that uniquely makes them Katie Studios titles,” says Lydecker, founder and CEO of Katie Studios. “We strive to create important and timely IP that can quickly reach different audiences through television/streaming adaptation. The team and I at KT Studios develop and create ethical and compelling content for all platforms We are proud to give a voice to the families of the victims and bring much-needed heat to a proactive investigation that is at risk of turning cold.

KT Studio is also coming out with a critically acclaimed podcast picante massacre and have launched others such as dougherty gang And Crazy in Love, The company is behind TV series like Peacock Murder and missing in Montana and oxygen injustice to nancy grace,