Kylie Jenner Slammed For Using Her $70 Million Jet To Travel For A 30 Minutes Trip, Netizens Say “Okay Girl, Ruin The Planet Some More”

Kylie Jenner owns a private jet worth $70 million (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Kylie Jenner is living her life big. From him $36.5 million mansion worth his car collection $8 million, all the fancy clothes from high-end brands, and much more. Not only that, but its brand, Kylie CosmeticsIt has also reached new heights, and is expanding it all over the world.

If you follow her on social media, you would know that Jenner also loves to party and is always traveling from place to place for work or leisure. It’s clear that the makeup mogul doesn’t use commercial flights when it comes to air travel.

Kylie Jenner also has a private jet that costs a lot $70 million, Recently, she came into limelight for allegedly using her jet for a 30-minute trip from Calabasas to Palm Springs. Kylie joined in with her partner, Travis Scott, and their two children. It soon became a point of interest among netizens, who criticized the KUWTK star for using the jet for such travel.

Many fans took to Twitter and commented on how unsafe it is for the environment.

“What am I supposed to do about climate change when Kylie Jenner is flying her jet from LA to Palm Springs,” said one user.

“Kylie Jenner took her private jet that seats 10 people on a 30-minute flight. Never talk to me about single-use plastic,” said another.

One user wrote, “It’s rich people like him who are literally killing the earth we live in. So selfish.”

“Kylie Jenner is taking over” $70 million Jet for thirty minutes journey????? Well, girl, ruin the planet some more,” added a fourth.

Meanwhile, while some people are focusing on it, others are talking about the breakfast served on his private jet. The reality TV star shared a snap of the meal consisting of three plates, all filled with fruits and various breakfast items.

But what really grabbed attention was when a Pakistani actress, Minal Khan posted the same picture, from which ‘Kyliere’ tissue was cropped. Fans redeemed the actress for using Kylie Jayne’s photo.

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