Lady Gaga Circling ‘Joker’ Sequel

Oscar winner Lady Gagawho most recently appeared in Ridley Scott’s gucci house, In early talks to star with Joaquin Phoenix Warner Bros, Joker: Foley Dex, Deadline can confirm. While Phoenix’s deal for new clown The film is not signed yet, we hear it is in advanced talks.

details as clown The plot of the sequel has been kept a secret until now, although we do know that Todd Phillips is returning as director. As in the original film, he co-wrote the screenplay with Scott Silver. We hear that Gaga will play Harley Quinn—Arkham Asylum shrinks, who falls in love with her patient Arthur Fleck aka the Joker—though her version of the character will be a DC universe other than Margot Robbie, seen in suicide squad movies.

Philips’ first clown The film, unveiled in 2019, saw Flake as a mentally disturbed stand-up comedian undergo a downward spiral that led to the creation of an iconic villain. The film grossed over $1 billion worldwide and earned Phoenix his first Oscar, as well as landing Hildur Gunadothir an idol for Best Original Score.

Gaga notably got her breakout film role at Warner Bros.’ musical play a star is born From actor-director Bradley Cooper, also produced by Phillips. The actress and pop star recently played Patrizia Reggiano in the MGM and United Artists releases. house of gucci and contributed to the song “Hold My Hand”. Top Gun: Maverick, It has currently grossed over $750 million at the worldwide box-office.

Gaga has been fired by CAA and manager Bobby Campbell.