‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Bashes Former Parent Company AT&T Over Past Business Practices

John Oliver Didn’t speak words for the former owners of his show.

In a scathing attack companies that have committed unethical business practices, last week tonight Host noted AT&T’s monopoly status prior to the 1982 antitrust settlement and called him “our business daddy who left for cigarettes and never came home”.

“They really were the biggest firm on the planet, and were widely respected and well regarded. Which is to say, completely unrecognizable from today’s AT&T,” Oliver said.

Earlier this year, Discovery completed its acquisition of WarnerMedia from the telecom giant in $43 billion in blockbuster sales. AT&T owned the company for three rocky years and was responsible for the abandonment of some WarnerMedia subsidiaries such as Crunchyroll.

Oliver is not known to hide his disdain for his former parent company and has been seen in several segments over the years before that.

The British American host spent part of his main segment explaining how AT&T tried to stamp out smaller competition in the 1970s “shut them down before they started”.

“Now, obviously, f*** AT&T now and forever,” Oliver said.