Late-Night Show Hosts Sound Off On Fox News’ Tucker Carlson & CNN’s Don Lemon Getting Ousted

Fox News 235334983/">parted ways Together tucker carlson And CNN cut ties Together don lemon Today’s Late Show hosts are given a lot of material to sound off on in their monologues.

But late night with seth meyers, the host devoted his “Closer Look” segment to the media shakeup. Meyers questioned whether Fox News had “woke up” after Carlson was fired from the network and joked that he “went through all the phases of Tucker’s face in one meeting”. Late-night hosts made fun of Carlson’s laugh and his facial expressions.

Meyers also suggested that it would be really funny if Green replaced M&M Carlson on the network.

Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Twitter account shared a video with some of Carlson’s most horrifying moments over the years.

“Bye Mom-Tucker!” read the tweet.

During Kimmel’s monologue, the host introduced the topic by saying, “Fox News has broken the bow with Tucker Carlson, after all these years they’ve been on the run, meaning he was fired. “

He later joked that the former Fox News host “could not be reached for comment” because he was “on a plane to Moscow to meet with his manager.”

“What a shock, what a pleasant shock,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel also noted that Lemon and CNN were “parting ways” as “News Alert” broke with affiliate Guillermo reading a bulletin that claimed to have parted ways with ABC. Jimmy Kimmel Live! host.

over on the daily showDesi Lydic tackles “the big story that shook the media world” with the question, “You know that stupid look Tucker Carlson always has on his face?”

After the audience laughed, Lydic said, “Well, he has a good reason for it today.”

Lydic later said, “Wow, I can’t believe that a network that’s so opposed to gender-affirmation surgery just cut off its own penis.”

Regarding the axing of Lemon from CNN, Lydic said, “CNN fired Don Lemon after 17 New Year’s Eve blackouts – sorry – years of service.”

Jimmy Fallon started the tonight show Greeting the audience, “Hi, I’m Jimmy Fallon, one of the few TV personalities still employed.”

“Tucker Carlson, Don Lemon, what’s going on out there?” He continued. “It’s easy to joke about Tucker Carlson being gone, but now, who can tell me which M&M woke up the most?”

Regarding Lemon, Fallon joked that his reaction to getting the boot from CNN was, “Wow! The latter sucks.”