Laurel Goodwin Dies: Elvis Presley Co-Star, Last Surviving Cast Member Of ‘Star Trek’ Pilot, Was 79

Laurel GoodwinAn actor who started his film career at the age of 19 Elvis Presley Featured in 1962 Girls! Girls! Girls! and played a crew member four years later in the original, unsuccessfully star trek The pilot, starring Jeffrey Hunter, died on February 25. She was 79 years old.

his death Was declared by her sister Maureen Scott. A reason was not disclosed.

Born in Wichita, Kansas, and relocated to California with his family during World War II, Goodwin studied drama at San Francisco State University and was soon signed to a contract with Paramount Pictures. he started Girls! Girls! Girls! As one of two potential love interests for Presley’s character (the other was portrayed by Stella Stevens).

Laurel Goodwin (next to Jeffrey Hunter), “The Cage”
Everett Collection

The following year, Goodwin played the daughter of Jackie Gleason’s railroad executive in the comedy Papa’s condition,

Over the next decade, Goodwin would appear in several TV series, including The Virginians, Get Smart, The Beverly Hillbillies, Manix and The Dane Curse, but it was one performance in an episode that never aired for which she earned a permanent position. Earned a cult following: He played Yeoman JM Colt in “The Cage,” a 1965 obsolete pilot star trek In which Hunter played the role of Captain Christopher Pike. The pilot was rejected by NBC, although some scenes were recycled for the 1966 two-part episode (“The Menagerie”), when William Shatner replaced Hunter as the Enterprise captain. (“The Cage” was later released in various home entertainment formats.)

Goodwin with her husband, producer Walter Wood, produced the 1983 Burt Reynolds-Lonnie Anderson NASCAR comedy stroker ace, She is survived by her sister.