Lawmakers Ask IRS To Investigate Nonprofit Status Of HFPA

Two House MPs are asking the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the nonprofit’s status Hollywood Foreign Press AssociationCiting reports of “long-standing and questionable business practices” by its leadership.

“For more than a year, entertainment and national media outlets have detailed a pattern of seemingly corrupt and unacceptable deal-making. HFPA raising questions as to whether the organization solely responsible for awarding the once coveted Golden Globe awards is meeting its IRS Seeking section 501(c)(3), “Rep. Joyce Beatty (D–OH) and Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-MI) wrote in a letter to the IRS on Tuesday. (Read it Here,

Beatty is the president of the Congressional Black Caucus and Lawrence is one of the vice presidents. Lawrence is also the deputy chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

Lawmakers cited reporting on the HFPA over the past year, including by the Los Angeles Times, as highlighting the organization’s lack of diversity. This caused NBC to cancel its broadcast this year as the HFPA implemented a series of reforms.

But the letter alleged that the HFPA’s “The current leadership has colluded to benefit itself, either directly or indirectly.” Beatty and Lawrence use the IRS statute against directing income to “the benefit of any private shareholder or person” from 501(c)3. The lawmakers also cited a report from The Wrap, which first reported on the IRS letter, which had chronicled accounts of self-dealing and conflicts of interest.

The HFPA did not immediately comment.