Liger Box Office: Dips further by 30% in South India; distributors to lose over Rs. 50 crores on this Vijay Deverakonda film :Bollywood Box Office – Bollywood Hungama

Vijay Deverakonda Liger On Saturday, there has been another decline in the collections in the South Indian market. 17 crores after debuting at Rs. 4.25 crore on Friday and now on Saturday, another 30 per cent casualty took place, as estimated on the third day at Rs. 3.25 crores. With this, the gross total of Liger In the South Indian belt Rs. 24.50 crores. The South Indian rights i.e. Telugu states, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka, were sold for an amount of Rs. 70 crore, out of which Rs. 60 crore is for Telugu states.

three day stock Liger is in the range of Rs. 13 crores, which amounts to Rs. 57 crore is yet to be recovered. Liger will close its share in the Southern Belt with a share of Rs. 17 crore, which means a consolidated South Indian Belt loss of Rs. 53 crores. The film has more or less completed its run at the box office and now just waiting for Monday, when the collections almost reach a low.

Talk across the board is negative, though Hindi markets are somehow managing to stay afloat over the weekend, but a crash is inevitable there on Monday as well. If we look at the total loss LigerTaking into account the international markets, the distributors suffer a loss of at least Rs 65 crore, as the worldwide rights (including the Hindi belt) are valued at Rs. 90 crores.

Liger It will end up being the biggest disaster of Vijay Deverakonda’s career, as well as the biggest Telugu disaster of 2022 after the Chiranjeevi starrer. Teacher, It remains to be seen if there are any more surprises this year.

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