Liger Overseas Box Office: Vijay Deverakonda film drops further on Day 3 at the Australia box office :Bollywood Box Office – Bollywood Hungama

Vijay Deverakonda – starring Ananya Panday Liger Released on Friday, however, despite all the hype and hype, the film has received a mixed response from the audience. same box office Liger The collection is witnessing huge upheaval. With some sectors reporting day-to-day growth in business, other sectors are witnessing a gradual decline.

In this box office report, we look at the performance of Liger In overseas markets of Australia and New Zealand. In Australia’s overseas market, Liger has seen a decline of about 61 per cent in trading on its second day and has seen a decline. In fact, the film managed to attract in USD 15,156. [Rs. 12.12 lakhs] From 55 screens on the first Saturday. Not surprisingly, the collections of Liger have seen a further drop of around 30% as compared to its second trading day.

On the other hand, in the overseas market of New Zealand, the business of Liger A slight upward trend has been observed. After depositing USD 3,307 [Rs. 2.64 lakhs] and USD 4,573 [Rs. 3.65 lakhs] On its first and second day, the business of Liger Further increase is seen with USD 6,663 [Rs. 5.32 lakhs] Coming to over 23 screens on Day 3, a 45% increase in collections from Day 2.

Moving on, with audiences undecided about LigerThere will be ups and downs in the business of the film. While some markets are expected to witness further growth, in others the film will face tough times. However, the business remains optimistic saying that Liger Will manage to post decent box office collection figures in its opening weekend.

australia box office
Thu – USD 57,414 [Rs. 45.87 lacs] from 58 screens
Fri – 21,961 USD [Rs. 17.55 lacs] from 60 screens
Sat – 15,156 USD [Rs. 12.12 lacs] from 55 screens

New Zealand box office
Thu – USD 3,307 [Rs. 2.64 lacs] from 20 screens
Fri – 4,573 USD [Rs. 3.65 lacs] from 22 screens
Sat – 6,663 USD [Rs. 5.32 lacs] from 23 screens

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