Lock Upp: Mandana Karimi Accuses Ali Merchant Of Mast***ating In Bathroom, Kangana Ranaut Schools Her Saying, “Your Mental Stability Is Shaken”

Lock Up: Mandana Karimi accuses Ali Merchant of having food in the bathroom (Photo Credits – Instagram; Episode Still)

The reality show Lock Up hosted by Kangana Ranaut is making the right kind of news on social media. Backed by Ekta Kapoor, the show features 16 contestants who are locked in a jail-like house together. After some eviction, we saw former Bigg Boss contestant Mandana Karimi entering the show as a wild card contestant. However, in the latest episode, she grabbed everyone’s attention when she made a shocking but serious allegation against co-contestant Ali Merchant.

In the previous episode of Lock Up, the Irani beauty was seen telling Kangana about an incident involving Ali Merchant that she came to the bathroom that she can’t talk about openly.

After this, Kangana Ranaut tells Mandana Karimi that she has put an idea in the mind of the audience and she is blaming them. The Rani actress told Mandana that if she doesn’t clarify then people take her the worst. This is when Mandana opens up about the incident, accusing Ali Merchant of mast*****ing. He told Kangana, “So, the second day, I went to the washroom first. Sayesha had to go to the washroom after me. She was really upset all day. When she went to the washroom after me, there was only one person who used the bathroom. … they were Ali. Aur any mass ******* Ed. And it was … there. ”

Soon after hearing Mandana Karimi’s side of the story, Kangana Ranaut taught her to make ‘Halala of body fluids’. He reprimanded her, saying, “Look, when you all share a house together, there is only one toilet. I am no judge of justice. For me, if you face any body fluids Whether it’s saliva, spit, nose, or sexual genitalia, you request us humans to clean it. Even if it’s a sh*t stain. You’re saying he hurt you Your mental stability is shaken. It is your decision. How true is this, we have to give Ali the benefit of doubt.

“A lot of contestants are using the bathroom and you are only targeting them, I can also say that it is kind of harassment. Also, all that said and done, mass****** ion is something that people discuss openly. The contestants have been staying here for so long, I thought maybe Ali must have done something seriously. You are making so much fuss around it. It does not work that way Mandana, We are all adults, we all know what body fluids are,” said Kangana.

Responding to the same, Mandana Karimi said, ‘I do not know that whatever I am saying is being taken as if I am shaming someone. I’m trying to negotiate.” Kangana Explains to him, “You’re trying to negotiate, but I want to see a democratic way for all people to exist. We use public toilets and there’s a lot of stink about the person using the bathroom in front of us.” And things happen that we see and think. But the stench may already be there. So you have to give the benefit of the doubt.”

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