Lock Upp Winner Munawar Faruqui Reveals Why He Kept His Marriage & Relationship With GF Nazila A Secret: “Hai Kuch Zindagi Ke Purane Kisse…”

Lock Up winner Munawwar Farooqui reveals why he kept his marriage and relationship with GF Nazeela a secret (Photo Credits: Instagram)

During his stint in Kangana Ranaut’s reality show, Lock Up, comedian Munawwar Farooqui made a shocking revelation. In one of the episodes, the comedian revealed about his marital status and revealed that he is already married. He also said that he is not only married but also the father of a young boy. After running successfully for a few months, Kangana Ranaut’s show recently concluded.

Munawwar Farooqui emerged as the winner in Ekta Kapoor’s show and took home the trophy. Ever since the comedian came out of jail, he has been busy with interviews.

From time to time we get many statements made by Munawwar Farooqui, some of which are on top and how. but now for the first time Munawari Revealed why he hid his marital status from his housemates. The comedian developed an affair with co-contestant Anjali Arora, whose heart broke after learning of his marriage.

Speaking to Times of India, Munawwar Farooqui said, “Yes, I was not ready to talk about my past in the show. But at the same time I realized that I don’t want to hide it from anyone. We all It happens with all that when we are going through 4/5 difficult situations in life, we try to deal with them one by one. Everyone has their own past and now that I am a familiar face And I have been given the tag of celebrity, so I have to talk about my personal life and it is not personal anymore. Hai Kuch Zindagi Ke Purne Kis but Achcha Zindagi Hai Zindagi ka Naam.”

Not only this, Munawwar Farooqui was also asked about his girlfriend, with whom he has shared some cozy pictures. Talking about his girlfriend Najeela, Munawwar said, “I have known Najeela for a year and we have been dating each other for a few months. It was not right to talk about the situation inside the house Nazila, Since I was inside the show and she was outside and I was not with her in the outside world at that time, I refrained from revealing her identity. We have different aspects in our lives that we are protective of.”

“I don’t think it’s wrong to be protective about your loved ones and I posted a picture of him as soon as I came out. I’ve experienced different things inside the show, it wasn’t just about going in and winning it. Lock up was a learning experience for me and I have become more vocal because of the show “Jo Nahi Kehta Tha Woh Bhi Ab Kehna Laga Hoon”. I have become more expressive now,” said Munawwar Farooqui.

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