Lock Upp’s Payal Rohatgi Doesn’t Know The President Of India; Netizens Troll, “So Called Right Wing Pro Woman”

Payal Rohatgi does not know the President of India; Netizens Shame Her! (Photo Credits: Instagram/Facebook/Twitter)

Lock up is making a lot of noise on the contestants like Munawwar Farooqui, Nisha Rawal and Poonam Pandey are making revelations every day. But this time, it is about Payal Rohatgi who has always been a Modi Bhakt but failed to answer who is the President of India. Netizens as always are what they do best, troll the actress.

As most of the people know, Payal has been in legal trouble several times. There have been arrests on social media for his hate speech. The actress has made religious statements in the past which have created a lot of controversy.

In the latest episode of Lock Up, contestants were playing general knowledge quiz. When the question of the current President of India came, Payal Rohatgi could not remember the name. just not that much Poonam Pandey And Nisha Rawal failed to answer the question!

It definitely comes off as a shock, doesn’t it? The viewers of Lock Up have taken to Twitter and have even shamed Payal Rohatgi, Poonam Pandey and Nisha Rawal for being celebrities and spreading such an impact.

Trolling for Payal was seen more because she frequently speaks on political issues.

One troll wrote on Twitter, “The so called pro-right wing lady, doesn’t even know who the current President of India is.”

Another tweeted, “Okay so Payal Rohatgi doesn’t know who is the President of India. Like seriously why are these people called celebs?”

Another wrote, “Social media pr #payalrohatgi itna gyan palti hai to copy paste from google and gk quiz me ek jav ni aara tha.

A viewer from LockUp tweeted, “Who is watching #LockUp Some great contestants who don’t even know who is the present President of India? Who was the founder of Azad Hind Fauj, they are also coming from those people who propagate #nationalism to others #payalrohatgi”

Well, it cannot be denied that it is embarrassing but we hope Payal Rohatgi and Poonam Pandey have enlightened themselves now!

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