London Nahi Jaunga Movie Trailer Out Go viral

Humayun Sayeed Eid ul Adha has returned to the tradition of releasing a new album. won’t go to london There is a new film written by the trio Khaleel ur Rehman Qamar and directed by Nadeem Baig. The public gave different reactions and opinions about this new film.

Humayun Sayeed, Mahvish Hayat, And Kubra Khan With Vasay Choudhary in lead roles, Saba FaisalSohail Ahmed, and Gohar Mumtazi Rounding out the artists.

(Photo: ARYDigitalHD/YouTube – Screenshots)

trailer is out and it appears to be an absolute masala picture featuring action, humour, romance and drama. Although Humayun Saeed’s acting is full of excitement and entertainment.

Here’s the full video, watch it!

The comedy thriller film is about a love triangle. The family forces Humayun to marry a London girl without her consent. He is then forced to move to London with his wife, but he has other plans. The boy wants to be close to his real love who lives in the village.

When everyone comes to know about the reality, things go out of his hands. The matter is also taken up to the Jirga who orders him to go to London. And the story turns unexpected when he reaches London. The teaser ends with a touch of action sequences and fist fights.

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