Lord Sugar Claims Gordon Ramsay BBC Show Is A “Virtual Rip-Off” Of ‘The Apprentice’

Lord Sugar have put in Gordon RamsayBlaming the Celebrity Chef food stars of the future Show to end their professional competition series the Apprentice,

Sugar, who sits on top of the BBC One boardroom table the Apprentice Since 2005, Ramsay, a restaurateur and broadcaster, has told DailyMail Online that “he should stick to the day job” in an attack. Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food StarsWhose second season will launch later this year on the same channel.

“Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV have tried for many years – at least 17 years – to try and replicate the elimination process the Apprentice,” he said. “I say this with all due respect to them but they have failed. Last year, Gordon Ramsay had some cockamamy ideas.

“I like Gordon and I think he’s great and he’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing: cooking and all that. I don’t know how the lawyers allowed it because it was a virtual scandal the Apprentice, No disrespect to Gordon, but stick to your day job, buddy. That’s all I’ll say.

Ramsay’s empire of cooking formats includes hell’s kitchen, ramsay’s kitchen nightmareFox master Chef And next level chef, which launched in the US last year. He also presents the high-rating Travelogue for ITV.

He debuted in the UK food stars of the future Last year on BBC One. The premise sees 12 candidates compete in a series of talks for investment in their culinary business ideas, as the Apprentice Struggle to get the Chinese to invest in their business plans. When Deadline first reported on Ramsay’s show in 2020, we noted food stars of the future “Is echo of the Apprentice,” although it’s fair to say that many reality competition shows have offered business investment as a prize to the winner over the years.

Last year, while praising Sugar’s show, Ramsay acknowledged the similarities. “It is a food and drink lifestyle business show,” he told reporters on a Radio Times programme. “So fingers crossed, this is going to rub Alan Sugar’s feathers the wrong way. I think I lost a customer there. Who gives a ***? But all jokes aside, I’m a huge fan of Am the Apprentice,

bbc latest season the Apprentice, which was created by Mark Burnett for NBC in the US with future President Donald Trump as investor, debuts in the UK tonight. a british version of ramsay next level chefWho is that Production of Launching on ITV on 11 January, through Fox-backed producer studio Ramsay Global. Original next level chef airs on Fox.

Ramsay’s rep declined to comment on Sugar’s comment.