Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva Makes John Oliver’s Point For Him By Saying A Departmental Leak Is More Serious Than Deputies Kneeling On Man’s Head

on Sunday last week tonight, John Oliver torn in Los Angeles county sheriff alex villanuevaThe secret deputy gang, who faces elections this year, amid allegations of abuse of power and cover-ups in his department – ​​all of which Villanueva denies.

Oliver said, “His re-election bid this year has been overshadowed by claims In the LA Times he directed to cover an incident where one of his representatives knelt on a detainee’s head for three minutes. It’s a damning story about abuse of power and a lack of transparency, and Villanueva took quick action against those responsible … for everyone to find out about it.”

Oliver Villanueva is referring to a news conference Called To blast a variety of his political and perceived opponents, including last week’s election challenger Eli Vera, County Inspector General Max Huntsman, and Los Angeles Times reporter Ellen Tchkemedian, who told an explosive story of a handcuffed prisoner abused broke. Villanueva alleged at the news conference that the Times piece was based on information possibly stolen from the department. He listed six possible crimes including burglary, theft and conspiracy.

Oliver didn’t think it was a good look for Villanueva to focus on potentially leaked documents.

Oliver said, “Well, when you’re accused of being involved in a horrific act, being more concerned about who said it than about the allegation isn’t really innocence.”

Today, Villanueva doubled down on her assessment when asked if she thought the leak was worse than the conduct displayed in the video.

After calling the first comparison “apples and oranges,” the LA sheriff said, “One deputy is at line level (video) and the other is at high level (leak), and it’s probably more serious.” Villanueva, kneeling on a prisoner’s head, called the deputies “a split-second decision”, while he added, “A decision to leak, it is a calculated, deliberate decision. That’s the difference between mistakes of the mind and mistakes of the heart.” is.”

Asked to clarify whether he was saying that the decision to kneel on a man’s neck was “a mistake of the heart”, Villanueva replied, “No…” before his communications team told Spectrum News. Sokal reporter Kate Cagle cut the line of questioning.

As Oliver observed on Sunday night, “The sweeping things under the carpet seem to be Villanueva’s style because, despite promoting as a reformer in a notoriously corrupt department four years ago, his record hasn’t been great since then. A 2019 IG report found that in a span of just two months, officers working under him revoked 45 administrative investigations into his employees, some of which included domestic violence, child abuse and sexual misconduct with an inmate .