‘Lost Illusions’ Nabs Top Spot At Lincoln Center, Film Forum As NYC Arthouse Revival “Moving In The Right Direction” – Specialty Box Office

After its Venice Film Festival Dhanush and seven Cesar Awards including Best Film, lost illusion Two of NYC’s major arthouses had top weekend titles—the Film Forum at Lincoln Center and taking $10,850 out of its estimated $13,579 three-day gross from the film.

The period piece based on the Honoré de Balzac novel about greed and hypocrisy in the Parisian art world of the 1800s was also Lamelle Royale’s top film in LA. This PSA opened on six screens for $2,263. distributor music box films giving lost illusion (Illusion Perdue), From director Javier Gianoli, a traditional stage rollout with a 60-day theatrical window, expansion into San Francisco, Miami, Denver, Minneapolis and Atlanta next Friday, and additional markets including Boston and Seattle on June 24.

“We are delighted with New York. New York is back,” said Music Box Theatrical Distribution chief Kyle Westphal.

The most decorated film in the French equivalent of the Oscars has stellar reviews (Read Deadline Here) it was MUBI Go’s choice for Movie of the Week (the platform gives subscribers a weekly free ticket art movie of your choice). Westphal said its period piece pedigree has a contemporary, satirical edge—highlighted in reviews—that should help keep the mouth-to-mouth talking among younger demos. lost illusion J. As is classic counterprogrammingEurasic World Dominion meets Top Gun: Maverick In theaters this weekend. “All these pieces are going together,” Westphal said.

“By comparison, since we started with the release last year, it’s like, ‘Okay, we’re going to make $500 this weekend.’ Then, it was, ‘If we’re lucky, we’ll pay $1,000 for a screen.’ New York was always leading on that. In April, rose maker Angelica had an opening of $3,500, which would have been soft before covid but very good at the present time. ,

is here now lost illusion Film Forum and Lincoln Center with $5,000 each. “The arthouse market” is still a work in progress, he said, “but things are moving in the right direction.”

(He notes that the opening numbers “were not raised for a Q&A by everyone and their mother and their friends.” Independent distributors have leaned on in-person discussions with directors and talent to fill seats.)

The revival of the Los Angeles arthouse market – which lost prominent locations such as ArcLight and, most recently, LA Landmarks – has been more problematic.

lost illusion Stars Benjamin Voisin, Xavier Dolan and Gerard Depardieu. Lucien (Voisin) is a young, aspiring poet who moves out of his family’s provincial printing house to try his luck in Paris, but soon finds that art has a dark side ruled by profit and pretense.

elsewhere Specialty, shiver And IFC midnight animated opened crazy god In two NYC and LA theaters for an estimated weekend of $8,500 (PSA, $4,250). Academy Award winner Phil Tippett’s first feature had its world premiere in Locarno. “We are thrilled to see crazy god“The film, running for 30 years, garners such wide acclaim and attention from the festival circuit to the box office,” said Craig Engler, general manager of Shudder. The film will launch on streamers on Thursday (June 16) and will add additional theaters on Friday.

Tippett began creating and animating this dark surreal world of creatures and nightmares in 1987, creating dozens of environments, hundreds of puppets, thousands of detailed sketches and storyboards for the project. Volunteers and a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign helped him get the project moving again decades later.

watchmanAlso from IFC Midnight/Shudder, it grossed an estimated $335k in Weekend 2 across 656 screens (PSA, $511) for a qm of $1.574 million.

Former beauty! No. But opened. $856k through Sunday in 345 locations across North America starting $10 to $620,000. The Telugu romantic comedy written and directed by Vivek Athreya stars Nani and Nazaria Fahad. Distributed by Prime Media and Shloka Entertainment, it is the latest Indian film to break into the weekend top ten.

neon future crimes David Cronenberg grossed $375,750 on 712 screens (PSA $528) for $2 million at the end of the week.

sony pictures classics phantom of the open Week 2 also earned $35,600 (up from six) in $1,483 PSA and $67,778 in a cumm across 24 screens.

and kino lorber neptune frost, Week 2 saw 28 screens across 28 screens, estimated 3-day earnings of $23,695 and $54,062 low to date