Love ‘Sisters Who Make Waves’? Here Are 5 More C-Dramas to Know |

The popularity of C-drama has given a head start for the brands. But pleasing social media savvy fans requires careful placement in accordance with accepted knowledge about fashion and culture.

Over the years, Chinese drama (also known as C-drama) has been growing in global popularity. According to an iQIYI survey conducted last year, 76 percent of respondents in 26 countries have started sampling this style within the past two years. With streaming services like iQiyi and even Netflix offering mega-popular home content to audiences around the world, it’s clear that such growth in on-screen presence is driving businesses to both domestic and global consumers. opportunities to tap local stars as the next fashion trendsetter. Market.

But not everything seen on TV resonates with social media-savvy c-drama fans. For many netizens, on-screen depictions must be realistically complemented through fashion and accessories to complement the story, otherwise shows and brands can expect backlash – such as the trending Weibo #DramaIreSyndrome hashtag, where netizens have complained that his favorite fiction failed to live up to conventional wisdom.

Effective product placement in C-drama requires mindful groundwork. For people of all generations to reflect themselves in their favorite actors, natural placement must go hand in hand with accepted wisdom, such as the “class culture” of the luxury hierarchy that describes the characteristics of top labels to consumers in this way. gives. related to.

Yet, when executed correctly, successful seeding and celebrity campaigns can yield a bountiful harvest, whether it means a trending piece for the season or a positive reflection in name, reputation and recognition.

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