Lucky Ali’s Farm In Trouble Due To Encroachment By Land Mafia In Bengaluru, Complaints Of Getting No Help From Local Police

Lucky Ali accused the land mafia of grabbing his land (Photo Credits- Instagram)

Bollywood singer Lucky Ali was away from Bollywood for many years but the media has been successful in keeping an eye on him. On Sunday, the singer took to his social media to post about his land encroachment problems and how the local police were of no help to him, keep reading to know what’s happening.

Lucky was a significant name in the Indipop genre of music in the 90s. For the unaware, he is the son of eminent Bollywood actor Mehmood Ali, and rose to fame after lending his voice to him. Hrithik Roshan For the film Kaho Na Pyaar Hai for Ek Pal Ka Jeena and for Na Tum Jaano Na Hum.

Talking about land encroachment, Lucky Ali posted on his Facebook account about an alleged land mafia in Bengaluru encroaching on his land, where he has been living for the past fifty years. But now some people are trying to grab that land and the local police has also not helped. Ali has accused a man named Sudheer Reddy, whose wife Rohini Sindhuri is an IAS officer, of doing this together. The singer alleged that Sindhuri was misusing her powers to help her husband for her personal gains. Check out the post by the singer here,

Lucky Ali wrote in his post that he is in Dubai Presently, and the farm is a trust property located at Kechanahalli Yelahanka, which is being illegally encroached upon by Sudheer Reddy with the help of his IAS officer wife Rohini Sindhuri. At the end of his note he also mentioned that the local police is not helping him in any way. He is worried about his family living there as there are children among them. Since he is currently in Dubai and wanted to meet the DGP before going abroad, he failed to do so. Since the DGP was not available to meet him, he complained about the same to the ACP, but that too did not prove to be of much help to the singer.

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