‘Lucy And Desi’ Director Amy Poehler On Finding The “Human Story” Behind TV Legends – Contenders TV: Docs + Unscripted

I love Lucy Premiered more than 70 years ago on CBS, but timing hasn’t dampened its appeal. show starring real life couples Lucille Ball And desi arnazi Still consistently ranked among the greatest sitcoms of all time.

amazon prime video document lucy and desithe director amy poehler – A comedy great itself – explores the relationship between the pair who will rewrite television history.

“We had an unusual job in this document, really dealing with people who are very famous and very famous and trying to figure out how to engage with them on a human level,” Poehler explained. Contenders for Deadline appeared in Television: Documentary + Unwritten Event. “Often, it can be The Other Side, which is a great documentary that brings you into a world you don’t know about and tells you why it’s important. We had almost the opposite job here, which was this There are big, iconic, significant, talented, successful people – what’s their human story?”

To tell that part of the story, Poehler and her team were able to draw on the memories of Lucy and Desi’s daughter, Lucy Arnaz Luckinbill, as well as home movies and previously unheard audio tapes of Ball and Arnaz.

“It’s like a documentary dream when you’re working with a subject and the way they say, ‘Okay, we’ve got this box of tapes in the garage or in the basement or in the closet.’ Labeled, but we never actually opened it,” the producer Justin Wilkes said. “And then, of course, you open it up and there’s amazing stuff in there. That’s exactly what happened in this case.”

Ball and Arnaz broke new ground in every aspect of their creative collaboration. was the first Latino to be portrayed as a sophisticated person on country television; Lucy dares to look unnatural in her outrageous comedy bits. I love Lucy Pioneered many elements of production that remain the standard today.

“He Made the Syndication and He Made the Rerun,” Producer jean elfant festa said. “Filming in front of a live studio audience – that was massive in itself. … They blocked and shot like it was a staged play, which I found wonderful. In fact, Lucy Arnaz Luckinbill explained to us That they rehearsed, the studio audience came, and that was it. There was no retake.”

lucy and desi Streaming began on Prime Video in early March.

“The feedback I’ve received has been really satisfying because I think people have been really impressed with the long partnership. [Lucy and Desi] It was,” Poehler said. “And also, I think we love a love story, and I feel like we’ve come out of a lot of two years of loneliness [of the pandemic] Where we really want to feel and laugh.”

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