Madiha Shah Reveals Salary She Charges Per Film |

Madiha Shah is a big name of old Pakistani film industry. She has done lead roles in many movies and was definitely one of the biggest movie stars of her time. She has given hit movies like Nagina, Nigahain, Nargis and people still remember her iconic performance in Majajan.

Actresses and actors never talk about their salary. They increase their fees after giving a hit project but that’s all we hear in news about any artist’s allegations. Madiha Shah has also been one of the A-listers of the old Lollywood industry and now works in very select projects.

Madiha Shah reveals salary per film

She was talking to Sohail Warach in Jio Saath Saath one day where he revealed his salary. She said that she used to do films for 1 to 2 lakhs in the olden days. Then the content was of better quality but for any actor the fee was not that much. Now, the quality of the content is not very good and she does not do a lot of movies but she charges at least 30 lakhs per film. This is the amount that he has also taken for his upcoming Punjabi film.

Madiha Shah reveals salary per film

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