Saturday, October 23, 2021

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    ‘Maggie’: ‘SurrealEstate’s Adam Korson Joins ABC Comedy As Recurring

    Unique: Adam Corson (unrealized assets) has joined the cast of ABC’s upcoming comedy series Maggi. He will appear opposite Rebecca Rittenhouse, David Del Rio, Chris Elliot, Ray Ford and Leonardo. Comedy based on Tim Cursio’s short film, is from family Guy And life in pieces author Maggie Mull, daughter of Signal actor Martin Mull, and life in pieces Producer Justin Adler. Produces 20th Television.

    Written by Mull and Adler, Maggi Follows a young woman who is trying to face life as a psychic. Maggie regularly sees the future of her friends, parents, clients and random strangers on the street, but when she suddenly has a glimpse of her future, Maggie is forced to live in her present.

    Korson will reunite as Daniels, a sweet and self-deprecating CrossFit dropout who charms Maggie with her witty and thoughtful demeanor. Despite constant worries about the future, Daniel helps Maggie have fun in the present.

    He is also joined by additional cast members Nicole Sakura, Angelique Cabral, Chloe Bridges and Keri Kenney, who are set as series regulars.

    Mull and Adler with executive production free solo Producers Evan Hayes and Jeff Morton.

    Corson can be seen as Father Phil Orley in SYFY’s unrealized assets, with Tim Rogen and Sarah Levy. Their additional credits include Seed, Super Pupz, cedia, TV Land’s T4eachers, Netflix’s rookie, super putz And real Rob; serial And female brain.

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