Mahima joins Anupam for photo shoot: Laughs through the tears

Mahima accompanied Anupam for the photo shoot

Mahima Chaudhary has been one of the most loved and favorite actresses of all time. In a very short time, the actress has made a different identity in the industry. She recently shocked her fans and followers when she revealed that she is a great breast cancer survivor.

Actress Mahima Chaudhary, who recently opened up about battling breast cancer, joined veteran actor Anupam Kher for a photoshoot where she has tears in her eyes and flashes of smile and laughter.

Mahima recently recovered from breast cancer and is currently shooting for her comeback film ‘The Signature’ with Anupam. Shows a glimpse of the clip glory How she opted for a wig in her post-cancer look and in the later parts of the video.

Sharing photo with Mahima, Anupama Wrote: “Sometimes you have to laugh with tears, smile in pain so that you can live in sorrow!” These amazing pictures were shot by @manichintamani on the sets of #TheSignature. #MahimaAndI #AgainstAllOdds #Hero #LifeIsBeautiful.”

‘The Signature’ is touted as a “beautiful story of a common man” and is helmed by Gajendra Ahire.

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