‘Mai’ Actress Wamiqa Gabbi On Working In Multiple Languages: “Really Adds Up To My Experience As An Actor”

Wamika Gabbi: Working in multiple languages ​​has made me rich (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Actress Vamika Gabbi, who has featured in series like “Modern Love: Mumbai” and “My”, has spoken about working in films in multiple languages ​​like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati and Punjabi.

She says the experience has enriched her as a actor, Vamika says: “It has definitely made me understand different cultures and it really adds to my experience as an actor.”

Vamika Gabbi said that whenever she is doing a film in a particular language, the actress closely observes how the people of that culture carry themselves.

“The added benefit and opportunity of learning a new language is my personal favorite way out of doing a regional project. Being someone who’s always ready to learn a new language, doing a multilingual project gives me the perfect opportunity to do just that. Is.”

Wamika Gabbi said: “I enjoy every part of the schedule and the men make sure that I make the most of the experience every time I sign on to a new regional film.”

Actress Vamika Gabbi recently shared how she got the idea of ​​love as a teenager and also spoke about her experience of her first kiss.

In the anthology, Vamika is a part of an episode directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, titled ‘Mumbai Dragon’, which tells a story of love transcending the boundaries of culture and traditions.

Actress Shared, “I’ve always been a romantic soul – a firm believer in love stories, or still, filmy love stories.”

Talking about her first kiss, Vamika Gabbi said, “I still remember the first kiss when I was a teenager and not washing my face for two days. I was in love at that time. Was nervous, yet excited and completely in love.”

She further noted, “Driven by pre-teen hormones, this beautiful ‘puppy love’ phase in my life went on for quite some time before I got older and started looking at love stories through a more mature lens. And it all came back to me recently during the shooting of ‘Modern Love’. But it made me realize that you can fall in love more than once. You can fall in love again and again. We have the potential And we have the heart to do so.”

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