Major: Pawan Kalyan Appreciates Adivi Sesh Starrer; Mahesh Babu Responds

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Major: Pawan Kalyan appreciates Adivasi Shesh starrer; Mahesh Babu replied, Read! (Photo Credit – Wikimedia; Facebook)

Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan has joined the list of celebrities who have praised Adivasi Shesha’s film ‘Major’.

Starring Adivasi Shesh, ‘Major’ is in present Playing in cinemas around the world.

The critically acclaimed film was directed by Shashi Kiran Tikka. The filmmakers have been praised by many celebrities for working on this biographical film.

After receiving praise from none other than Pawan himself, the tribal remaining are now in a state of euphoria.

Pawan issued a statement to the media in which he praised ‘Major’ and suggested that actors like Shesh make more such films in future.

The ‘Bhimla Nayak’ actor pens a letter praising Heartfelt play. He said on social media that despite not seeing Major yet due to his busy schedule, he plans to do so soon.

The ‘Badri’ actor also discussed the performance and creative abilities of Adivasi Shesh in the film. Also, Pawan Kalyan praised superstar Mahesh Babu for his role as one of the producers in this much-loved drama.

Responding to the same, Mahesh Babu, who produced the film, wrote, “Thank you @PawanKalyan! Team #Major is really humble!”

“@PawanKalyan Dear Powerstar. My heart is full. I assumed you must have been really busy touring, and was wondering if you could get some time to watch #Major. Your warm personal note is really touching. #Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan is everything to me. In the past it was #paw, now it’s #major, really grateful for your grace” wrote Adivi Shesh.

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