Malayalam Actor Sanal Sasidharan Urges Followers To Beware Of Those Who Ask ‘Not To Speak About Injustice’, Says “They Downgrade Voices Against…”

Beware of those who ask you not to talk about injustice: Sanal Sasidharan (Photo Credits – Wikipedia)

Renowned Malayalam director Sanal Sasidharan has asked his followers on social media to beware of those who advise people not to go public with complaints about injustice.

going to instagramsaid the popular director: “We must beware of those who advise us not to go public with complaints about injustice. They are either hunters or hunters who help hunters.”

“The exploiters who are the perpetrators of injustice have cunningly created a public perception that it is disgraceful to complain in public,” Sanal K Shashidharani added.

Sanal Sasidharan said, “They downgrade the voice against the injustice raised before the public with words like ‘cry’ and ‘shout’.

The only challenge for these people, who manipulate all the mechanisms that ensure justice with money and influence, is the potential resistance of the general public against injustice.

Sanal Sasidharan also wrote “They can molest the public but it takes time and effort. So they try to create illusion in the mind of the victims that it is a matter of great shame to complain in public. “

“As a result of his efforts over time, such a spirit has been established in the society as well. That is why those facing injustice shy away from crying out loud. These exploiters will sew a false cap of pride to all those who are in a situation where society will easily hear their cries. ,

“Such a move is a noble image given to women. Women are hesitant to scream even when faced with brutal violence, for fear that it will be lost if they do scream.”

“It is the exploiters who question why the aggrieved women themselves did not raise their voice to complain before the justice system controlled by the exploiters.” Sanal Sasidharan joined.

“Another group of people who have been given a false crown of pride, who break down when they scream like women, are those who work in the fields of art and culture.”

“These exploiters devise strategies to ensure that the cultural activists do not cry because the public will pay attention to their cries. It is very important not to fall into these hypocrisy to ensure truth and justice, as the mechanism of ensuring justice is complete these days. It’s kind of rotten.”

“Teach your children not to be afraid to shout or scream when they need to. Let us all remember that embarrassment is nothing more than being a victim of hideous exploitation tricks. Know that when you do scream, you bark like stray dogs. And there are shadows that feed on the scum of the jumping absorbers.”

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