Mark Cousins’ Alfred Hitchcock Documentary Gets North American Deal

Unique, cohen media group acquired all North American distribution rights for the filmmaker mark cousins, Alfred Hitchcock Doctor my name is alfred hitchcock,

The film premiered in Telluride and was screened psychoanalyst And vertigo The director’s vast body of work, exploring his techniques, themes and passions. The plan is for a theatrical release later this year.

Cousins, who uses actor and impressionist Alistair McGowan to portray Hitch in voice, connects stylistic dots running through the director’s more than 50 films, from revered classics like North by Northwest, Psycho And rear window less frequently discussed but intriguing tasks such as Paradine Case, Sabotage and many more, returning to his silent films.

The deal, announced by Charles S. Cohen, Chairman and CEO of Cohen Media Group, was negotiated by Robert Aaronson, Senior Vice President, CMG, and Cleo Wager, Head Sales, London-based film sales company Dogwoof.

Among positive reviews, Todd McCarthy of Deadline called the film “a nimble, free-wheeling, deeply informed salami”.

The film is produced by Hopscotch Films, longtime collaborators with Cousins, including the original film story women make filmsand 2021 Cannes premiere Story of the film A New Generation,

Cousins ​​said: “Alfred Hitchcock did 20th century psychoanalysis. He charmed us with the beauty of Ingrid Bergman and the glamor of Cary Grant, then when he charmed us, he found our fears, our secrets, our vulnerabilities.” . In this film I’ve tried to find a new way of showing how he did it, how his imagination works. Hitchcock’s life ended long ago, but did his subjects? I’m with Cohen Media Happy to be working again.”

The cousins ​​have explored the world of cinema in dozens of projects. Jeremy Thomas Storm, Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (also both Cohen releases) to orson welles eyes and epic 16 hours Story of the film: An Odyssey.