Marketing Head Steven Melnick To Depart Disney TV Studios

Veteran Marketing Executive Steven Melnick Is Leaving disney television studios, His position was liquidated during day 1 of disney‘S second wave of layoffs,

The Emmy-nominated Melnick has overseen the marketing teams for 20th TV, 20th TV Animation and ABC Signature since 2019, when Disney acquired Fox. He was closely associated with Disney Entertainment co-chairman Dana Walden, who appointed him to the role of SVP.

Prior to joining Disney, the respected executive oversaw marketing and PR/coms for more than 19 years at 20th Century Fox TV, where he helped launch mega-hits such as Modern Family, Family Guy, Empire, The X-Files, New Girl, 24, Homeland, Arrested Development, This Is Us, How I Met Your Mother, Buffy the Vampire Slayer And Glee.

Melnick’s work with senior leadership such as Walden, who was then co-head of 20th Century Fox TV, helped transform the formerly small studio into an industry-leading global content company. It was here that he became part of Walden’s inner circle, and wrote several advance productions for him and Fox.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Melnick was nominated for a Digital Emmy in 2005 for helping to develop 24: Conspiracy, the first IP-based mobile series that was released in Europe (Vodafone) and the US (Verizon). He also developed and managed the Clio award winning partnership Empire and Pepsi, which culminated in a headline-grabbing TV commercial directed by Lee Daniels.

to Melnik 24which became the industry standard and a multi-million dollar business.

Melnick, a frequent speaker about the TV business, launched the TV marketing curriculum at USC’s Stark Producer Program, a two-year master’s-level program for young entertainment professionals. He taught from July 2013 to November 2019 as the first assistant professor in the program of TV Marketing.