Marty Roberts Dies: Half Of ‘Marty And Elayne’ Lounge Band At The Dresden

los angeles lounge music icon Marty RobertsThe drummer in the “Marty & Elaine” act, which entertained at the Dresden Lounge in Los Feliz for 35 years, has died.

His death was confirmed by his daughter Hali, who wrote, “We are sad, the greatest man alive has gone to heaven. Marty passed away peacefully on Thursday the 13th, 2022. My mom and I are devastated by his loss and no one else.” There isn’t even one who could ever take his place. He had a joke and a smile (free to smile, they would say!) to everyone he met and was the kindest, most self-sacrificing person in the world We will miss them more than words describe them.”

Born in New York City, Marty met Ellen in L.A. in the ’70s. Their gig in Dresden began in 1981, and quickly became a thing for area hipsters, who enjoyed the drum and piano vibe and often joined in for a song or two. His mix of jazz standards and loungy became such a cult classic on pop music that Jon Favreau used him in his Los Feliz-focused film, swingers,

Later, Tom Petty paid tribute to her by including her in the “Yer So Bad” video. He also appeared in an episode of Mr. Show.

Marty had a heart attack in January 2020, and music in Dresden was silenced by the pandemic.

Roberts’ daughter indicated that a celebration of her life would be held in Dresden on the scheduled date, with online access for out-of-stateers.