Mathira Talks About Her Controversial Ads |

Mathira is a Pakistani model and host who is also of Zimbabwean origin, she is a lovely dancer and confident television host. She has hosted various television shows and appeared in music videos. She is known for her item songs in Main Hoon Shahid Afridi and Indian Punjabi film Young Malang.

Recently, she appeared in Timeout with Ehsaan Khan, where Ehsaan Khan asked her about her own image, she also asked if after being bold and doing controversial advertisements for contraceptives, would she be in Mathira. Owns a certain image attached to. Talking about her controversial advertisements, Mathira said, “I think every human being looks at me with his mindset, the way he thinks, he will understand me”.

Mathira talks about her controversial ads

Talking further about it she said, “I am a wild person, I am energetic, I do everything that I love, because there was a time when I did a lot for someone else, but then I Realizing that if you don’t love you, you won’t love the other person who is in front of you, he further justified his actions by quoting his therapist. The actor was of the view that he is who he is and She owns it to a large extent.

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