Mehwish Hayat Shares Qualities Of Her Ideal Man |

Mahvish Hayat is currently one of the biggest superstars of Pakistan. She made her Hollywood debut with Miss Marvel and people all over the world are loving her character while her film London Nahi Jaunga is doing massive business across the world. In short, Mahvish Hayat is flying high.

Mahvish is single and his fans are always curious to know about his personal life. Many fans wanted to know who would be their idol if they hadn’t found “The One” yet. Mahvish Hayat was a guest on the joke night to promote his film London Nahi Jaunga and revealed the qualities in his ideal man.

Mahvish Hayat shares the qualities of her ideal man

She said that she is an independent woman and she has definitely made a stellar career for herself. Her ideal man would be someone who would understand the importance of her work and would not ask her to compromise. She said that her ideal person would help her grow further and would not hinder her growth.

Mahvish Hayat shares the qualities of her ideal man

Hear what Mehwish had to say: