Mili Movie Review: Janhvi Kapoor’s Survival Drama Is Fresh Only For The Ones Who Haven’t Seen Helen

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Star Cast: Janhvi Kapoor, Manoj Pahwa, Sunny Kaushal and the ensemble.

the director: Mathukutty Xavier

Mili Movie Review (Photo Credits – Poster from Mili)

What’s good: The team manages to make a remake whose essence is almost intact.

What’s worse: For those who have seen the original, this is a story that has been visually lived and carried forward, so when bad things happen it doesn’t matter because they are completely identical.

Lou Break: If you’re watching this story for the first time, you really won’t need it.

See or not?: The remake needs to be called out without any changes and it doesn’t change even though it is being titled by a very good debutante.

Language: Hindi

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Runtime: 129 minutes

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Millie, 24, who aspires to move to Canada to make a better life, has a lot on her plate including her boyfriend of a different race and her fast-paced world. One fine day when things are already bad, she’s locked inside the cold storage of a food joint and now she has to survive and thrive to come out alive.

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Mili Movie Review: Script Analysis

Written by Alfred Kurian Joseph, Noble Babu Thomas, and director Mathukutty Xavier, Helen was not only a living play, but a social commentary on how society views a particular woman and how they decide if something untoward happens to her. are looking forward to. So when a Hindi remake by the same director presents itself as an official scene-to-scene remake, what’s left to say?

Adapted for Hindi audiences by the director himself, Mili opens as a sweet film about a girl who lives with her father as they navigate the complexities of life. She aspires to move to Canada, so that she can earn more and let her father live his life. She dates a guy from a different community and either one of the two sets falls in the lower levels of the hierarchy. She is a graduate nurse, now trying to learn English, and works at a food joint to earn a living.

The character setup is strong and well worth it. Of course, its essence remains the same as the original because it is the one who directs both. He builds a world where everyone has their own opinion of Miley, some love her, some see the hope in her eyes, a street Romeo eve teases her, and a police officer scolds her. Judges the character, assuming she is out with her boyfriend. night. So when Miley suddenly disappears somewhere, all these people announce their decisions before even looking around.

But the Hindi version being a scene-to-scene remake fails to bring in the binding glue that holds it all together effortlessly. The original from the word Go had a pretty gruesome vibe. It was probably also because Anna Ben’s beautiful appearance made it hard for us to even think about anything bad happening to her. The Hindi version is not systematically shaped like the doomsday where she gets trapped, rather it seems to be running towards her. Now, this could also be the result of me having already seen the original. Also, the conversation around the interracial matter is not as original as it is here.

This brings me to the point, in a world where audiences are increasingly getting used to subtitles and watching content from across the country and the world, why do we need a scene-to-scene remake of a recent film? Are we saying that Anna doesn’t have national appeal, or that Javier has doubts about his product? At the cost of sounding rude, good actors need to take a stand and stop the busy brigade heading down the halls of the remake.

Mili Movie Review: Star Performance

This is the third remake in Jhanvi Kapoor’s filmography in a long career of six films. The actor is excellent in the parts he is stuck in cold storage. There’s a high potential to move up dramatically but she balances it out very well.

While I still stick to my words that he is one of the most prominent newcomers in the hands of good filmmakers, he needs to break out of the ‘hum’ obsession and play roles that demand a different dialect and behaviour. between good luck jerry And Mili, the only difference is that her socio-economic status and getup changes. Not much bid.

Credit where it’s due, Janhvi and Manoj Pahwa together bring to the fore a very biological father-daughter relationship. They are cute and worth rooting for. A lot depends on Pahwa, who doesn’t need to do much to be the best on screen.

Sunny Kaushal plays another lover who has to prove his love in his filmography and he definitely needs a makeover. He can walk the cake, what’s new for us at Sunny’s store?

(photo credit – still from Miley)

Mili Movie Review: Direction, Music

Mathukutty Xavier is well equipped to do cut paste work with new faces and he does just that. There is definitely room for more but then you realize that this too is a remake and doesn’t make sense.

It hurts my heart to say what I am going to do next. It is an album by AR Rahman and Javed Akhtar and doesn’t have any memorable songs.

Mili Movie Review: The Last Word

These are prolific names that have come together. Why do we need scene-to-scene remakes at a time when the world is accepting subtitles as normal? as its own producer.

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