Milind Soman Gets Brutally Trolled For Promoting Special Dishwashing Gel For Men: “Bc Bartan Ke Bhi Gender Hai”

Milind Soman criticized by netizens for promoting special dishwashing gel ‘for men’, one user said, ‘kaam ko bhi genderize kardia?’ (pic credit: instagram)

Bollywood actor and supermodel Milind Soman today is known for his passion for fitness, his marathons and his workouts. He remains very active on social media. Often his pictures and videos go viral on social media. However, now he is in the headlines for another reason.

The actor has stunned fans as well as other internet users with his latest Instagram post, in which he is seen promoting Macho dishwashing liquid. In an attempt to normalize household chores by one, the brand promoted another stereotype that black is the color of men and masculinity.

The video begins in a gym where a young man is seen boasting about helping his mother wash dishes. “I’m a little tired because I washed all the dishes last night. I often help my mother, we should.” Milind Soman Then it enters the frame saying, “Wow, what a brag. go have fun Now, Wim Black (who shows a bottle of dishwashing liquid) is here. Now wash all the utensils and keep bragging.

The video ends with the actor posing with the bottle as he says, “Wim black, easier to clean, more to brag about.” As the name suggests, the bottle in the video is not in the brand’s usual yellow or green, but black.

Milind Soman shared the video on Instagram with the caption, “Vim Black – Dishwashing liquid for men. Or is it? @vimindia @mtvindia #VimBlack #VimForMen #BragWithSwag.” Check it out below:

Soon after he shared the video instagramNetizens criticized the actor for gendering the housework. One user wrote, “This is very wrong, gendered the work. Means if you say black then you become manly. Let us go! Let us go! yeh kya kiya,” while another user commented, “really a better ad if the man is shown washing dishes with this n woman attracted to him… will be more effective than the X effect.”

A third user commented, “Yes, of course! Some men need ‘Vim Black for Men’ to feel manly enough to do the dishes as regular Vim takes even washing dishes.’ A fourth user commented, “For men… BC Barton has a penis too.”

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