Minnie Driver Criticizes Academy For Not Intervening After Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock

mini driver Have taken the help of social media to call out Academy for lack of action thereafter Will Smith Slap Chris Rock At the Oscars on Sunday.

Writing on Twitter, Driver said that he and another member of the academy had received a notice stating that the organization was investigating the incident further.

Tomorrow, award body issued a statement detailing the next steps, apologizing to Rock and claiming that Smith was asked to leave the ceremony but refused.

Driver criticized the note for including, “There is no explanation as to why no one has stepped in to assist Chris Rock thereafter; why he was abandoned by the producers and the Academy and is expected Was that they would move on.”

The Rock was clearly shaken after the incident but was pressed with his hosting duties. Last night, he received a standing ovation his first live comedy show After the ceremony, he was telling audience members that he was “still processing what happened.”

Here’s the driver’s tweet: