Mip TV Director Lucy Smith Talks Up Presence Of U.S. Majors In Cannes As Annual Market Pivots To “Business Efficient” Approach

Unique: According to Lucy Smith, who runs the annual market, the influx of American studios and streamers coming to next week’s Mip TV should offset the losses for some of the larger European distributors.

With representatives from Netflix, Amazon and HBO heading to Cannes as streamers push into Europe in a big way and seek out content for their growing platforms, HBO Max global boss Johannes Larcher is set to deliver a keynote speech, While traditional studios Fox, Sony, Lionsgate, Universal, Warner Bros, Paramount, eOne and A+E will all continue to exist in some form or the other.

While not all will be on display (Warner Bros. is set to take its traditional stand, but many will only send delegations), Smith welcomed the arrival of several big beasts from across the pond, including new divisions such as Fox Alternative Entertainment.

“It really adds to the strong presence and America is so important to the overall market,” Smith told Deadline.

With the February London screenings now an established part of the annual distribution calendar, the US delegation could make up for the loss of some major European distributors such as ITV Studios and Bunij Rights, although Smith insisted they would still be at Cannes.

“Some major European players have been prioritizing London screenings for a few years now, so it’s no surprise,” he added. “But screening gives buyers the opportunity to see the content and it creates follow-up meetings that can happen at the MiP, so there are always opportunities.”

“business efficient”

after two years of hard workD major effect For RX France, the newly-merged company that runs MIP TV, this year’s event will be an in-person first for three years and establish a new “commercially efficient” approach, setting it apart from October’s biggie. mipcom Competition.

MIP TV will be focused more on private meetings, with a rearranged Palais floor plan, while the collaborative programs MIP Doc and MIP formats have been incorporated into the wider market.

“When we spoke to customers they said they wanted to grow their presence in a different way,” Smith said. “Mipcom is undoubtedly the biggest in the calendar and we wanted to offer some alternatives with MipTV.”

That being said, Miip TV is expected to have around 5,000 more attendees compared to last October’s MipCom, although the latter had restricted access due to the coronavirus.

Some of those attendees will be from Ukraine, a supplementary pavilion with MiP TV and a Tuesday afternoon session for the Ukrainian delegation, arriving after a nearly six-week war with Russia, a country that is effectively off the market. is restricted.

Smith continued, “It is extremely important for our Ukrainian clients to have some form of representation, so offering them the pavilion will give them that space and promote the panel session content.”

Also speaking at the market are former Disney executive Kevin Meyer, Sony’s Wayne Garvey and Bad Wolf’s Jen Tranter, big names in the global content market, which Smith said will give the panel sessions a “next generation experience.”

Mayer, Co-CEO of Candle Media, will exclusively discuss building a next-generation media company with Moonbug Entertainment CEO René Reichmann.

And although Miip TV has had to adapt many of its approaches to the online world, there will be nothing quite like bringing back the great and good of the global TV industry in one place on the Croisette, Smith said.

“The overwhelming response from our customers has been that nothing beats a face-to-face market. The need for the personal side of the business has been greatly missed.”