Mohit Sharma: ‘Cycling relieves my stress and anxiety’

Mohit Sharma: ‘Cycling relieves me of stress and anxiety’ (Photo Credits – IANS)

Actor Mohit Sharma, who plays the role of Manoj in the show ‘Doosri Maa’, always takes out time from his busy schedule to indulge in his hobby ‘cycling’.

Talking about his love for cycling, Mohit said, ‘During my school days, I used to enjoy cycling with my friends. We all had a great time roaming the streets. However, as time passed, we all started riding bikes and driving cars. However, after the lockdown, I decided to relive my childhood memories by buying a cycle. It was one of the wisest decisions I have ever made.”

Mohit Sharma recalls riding his bicycle in Jaipur and exploring the temples, monuments and other places in the city.

“At that time, I found time to ride my cycle and explore the empty streets of Jaipur, old temples, monuments and enjoy all the infrastructure in my neighbourhood. I would have missed these beautiful views while sitting in my car. I used to search for water bodies and natural areas around me on maps and reach there on my bicycle,” said Mohit Sharma.

“It helped me discover many things that I never knew before. During that time I saw a beautiful pond near my house. I also discovered a 300 year old temple and met a man from a nearby village who Have been living there ever since. Thanks to cycling, I now know so many beautiful places where I go, sit and relax.”

“It is important to be physically fit and mentally strong. As part of my fitness routine, I start my day with cycling. I took up cycling to stay physically fit, but now it is has evolved into a form of therapy. Cycling relieves my stress and anxiety and makes me happy. When I’m cycling, focusing on the road helps me develop concentration and awareness of the present moment I can now cycle more than 50 kms and participate in various cycling marathons and races,” concluded Mohit Sharma.

Doosri Maa airs on &TV.

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