Morbius Movie Review: Not Just The Audience, Even Jared Leto Deserves Better

Morbius Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Jared Leto, Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, Michael Keatonand dress.

the director: daniel espinosa

(photo credit – still from Morbius)

What’s good: The bits and pieces where Jared Leto as Mr. Morbius forms a bond with the people only to shatter more.

What’s worse: Makers are not focusing on discovering those same bonds but on everything around them.

Lou Break: Not when Jared Leto is giving great scenes which are very few. So you’ll know when to do it.

See or not?: Only if you want to keep up with the timeline and events. The end credits are more exciting here than in the whole movie.

Language: English (with subtitles).

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Runtime: 106 minutes

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Michael Morbius, a mad genius scientist/doctor and his friend Milo are battling a situation that is slowly driving them closer to death. The first devotes all his life to finding a solution to live and when he thinks he has found it, destiny turns him into a monster. But wait, there’s another monster too, but he’s a friend. What would Morbius do? That’s a movie.

(photo credit – still from Morbius)

Morbius Movie Review: Script Analysis

The Spider-Man universe is one of the most comprehensive and highly juxtaposed universes ever created. Add to this the fact that one door to the multiverse has only added hundreds more possibilities to it. Sony, which is making its own independent films related to web-slinging superheroes, is in no mood to stop. Rise Morbius, a project stuck in production hell for a very long time and then for some more time with the pandemic.

‘Burke Sharpless’ from Ray Thomas, adapted by Jared Leto starrer Matt Sazama Miracle The comic is a product of the idea that we want to focus on everything except the main conflict. Morbius (film) has a very weak heart. Here is a character who spent his whole life finding a cure for his friend more than himself, because he had made a promise to her in childhood. A man who literally has to feed on the blood of someone he loves because he wants power.

So you see, the emotions in Morbius are at its peak, because in a way, love is at stake. But writer and filmmaker Danielle Espinosa tries not to focus her attention on emotions. Rather they try to speed things up. Your leadership has made a life-changing gift for a friend and there is no scene that shows or develops the love of the two as adults. One asks for money, the other gives and it has no effect. So if the founding section itself fails to stir, why would anyone live in the building raised above it.

Here’s a doctor who has a literal tank of vampire bats in the center of his lab. Research has sucked his life. He is indeed a villain, but a friend to some and wants the best for them. But instead of showing more than the film decides to jump from sequence to sequence where problems are created and solved. This causes a lot of confusion.

Morbius becomes Bat Man or Man Bat, you decide, gets some interesting powers and kills an entire ship with people. But his powers are never described in detail or shown closely enough to understand what they are. When he turns into a demon his face turns into a skull and all this is ineffective, as nothing connects. It seems that the villain takes the story forward and dies in the end.

Morbius Movie Review: Star Performance

Jared Leto tries to breathe life into this confusing script. The brief description of a line given to her sounds like ‘playing a monster but with subtlety’ and she pulls the energy down. These two villains are at loggerheads. Stopping it even when it has no control over it is not the match we would invest in.

Matt Smith plays his part with conviction. A man greedy for money has a part that suits him now. Adria Arjona balances the atmosphere around Morbius very well. Her presence is on the rise and the tragedy around her really hurts.

(photo credit – still from Morbius)

Morbius Movie Review: Direction, Music

Daniel Espinosa tries to play subtle but then forgets to add poetry or some rhythm to it. Remember how Matt Reeves downplayed The Batman’s action but compensated it with lots of poetry and depth? Just like that. He also tries to introduce a Batmanish background score for the film, but actually fails.

Oliver Woods’ cinematography tries to be beautiful and devastating but it only succeeds in parts. Action Mostly two people rubbing each other’s faces on high places. There’s really a pinch of fighting and it’s not enough to compensate for the 2 hours you invested.

Morbius Movie Review: The Last Word

Michael Keaton is a part of it, he says, check if he is. Or maybe wait for the news articles. Because you don’t want to be me who has invested two hours just to get a confirmation in return.

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morbius Releasing on April 01, 2022.

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