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I Love You is the story of a woman who is locked in her office. Satya Prabhakar (Rakul Preet Singh) works in a company named Jellisu. She is in love with her colleague Vishal (Akshay Oberoi). His best friend is Rakesh Oberoi aka RO (Pavail Gulati). She trusts him blindly and he is always there to help her wherever possible. Satya reaches her office a day before Diwali. She is taking a late night flight to her hometown Delhi to celebrate the festival with her family. In the evening, she suddenly falls asleep at her work table and by the time she wakes up, it is too late. She tries to leave the office and realizes that all the exits are closed. She calls Vishal and his driver Mishra (Sharad Jadhav) but they seem unavailable. Left with no other option, she calls RO, who coincidentally is flying to Delhi with her. He comes to her rescue. Satya heaves a sigh of relief, but his joy is short-lived. Ro kidnaps her and this is when Satya realizes that he loves her obsessively. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

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Movie Review: I Love You

Nikhil Mahajan’s story is fair. It seems to be an unofficial remake of Hollywood movie P2 [2007]which coincidentally was also made in Hindi earlier [FOUR PILLARS OF BASEMENT; 2015], Mahajan’s screenplay is fine in the beginning but unimaginative later. His dialogues are good.

Nikhil Mahajan’s direction is decent. He has done creative work in many places, be it RO wearing t-shirts or mugs depicting his state or various Hindi songs playing on music devices from time to time. It is also interesting to see that after a point he reveals Ro’s true intentions. Some scenes are going to give goosebumps.

On the other hand, nothing much happens in the film after a point. It’s just 93 minutes long and even then, seems long enough as it starts to drag on. Satya pretending to be attracted to Ro and then telling her the truth and then again pretending to be intrigued by her is very disjointed. Agreed that Ro was mentally ill, but he was smart enough to see through it. It is also difficult to digest that it is taking so long for Satya to escape from office, especially after getting out of RO’s clutches. She could have used gym equipment or other heavy objects to break the glass door at the entrance. Instead, she dives into the swimming pool, which was added forcefully and had no relevance. As a result, no one feels high when she finally manages to escape.

Talking about the performances, Rakul Preet Singh pulls off the tough role to perfection. after chhatriwali [2023], this is another fine performance from the actor. Pavail Gulati is fine as the obsessive lover. The scene where she learns that Satya is dating Vishal is particularly brilliant. Definitely one of his best performances. Akshay Oberoi is barely there and is fine. Same is the case with Sharad Jadhav. Kiran Kumar (Anthony) sucks.

Songs don’t have a shelf life. ‘Yeh Nazar’ Register because of Adnan Sami’s voice. ‘Release Release’ And ‘stay safe’ are unforgettable. The background score of Shore Police is apt. Cameron Bryson’s cinematography is neat. The production design of Meenal de Rath is rich and adds to the visual appeal. The costumes of Deepika Lal and Anirudh Singh are realistic. Vikram Dahiya’s action is full of blood. Abhijeet Deshpande’s editing should have been crisper.

On the whole, I Love You rests on strong performances by Rakul Preet Singh and Pavail Gulati, but suffers from a weak script and too many loose ends.

Rating: 2 Star

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