Munya Chawawa Looks To Replicate Viral Comedy Success In His Own Channel 4 Show

Specific, Munya ChawlaThe British-Zimbabwean comedian is hoping to translate his wildly viral online sketch into his own television show.

working for 30 year old pilot channel 4British Public Broadcaster, which would take on an increasing number of them on TV in recent years.

The pilot, which will not be aired, is titled The Late Night Munyaverse and will feature a mix of studio and filmed comedy sketches. produced by Rumpus Mediawhich makes The audacity of Romesh Ranganathan for BBC2.

Chavawa’s topical sketches have garnered 32M views on TikTok alone and often depict the comedian dispatching politicians through parodies of popular songs.

For example, Chavava wrote a play about Shaggy when she was revealed to have had an affair with the former UK health secretary, Matt Hancock. it was not me,

Other regular targets include Bear Grylls; Nigella Lawson, British food presenter; and Salt Bay, Turkey restaurant owner.

Chawla has appeared in comedy entertainment shows complaints are welcome And constable for Channel 4, while she also had a role as Choronzone on Netflix the Sandman,